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An MWT is a Maintenance of Wakefulness Test.  For me, this test was really difficult.  It pretty much represents everything that I try to avoid on a daily basis.

Rather than the many nap periods present in the MSLT, an MWT involves getting to the centre in the early morning and getting connected to the electrodes again.  This time, instead of napping, you are asked to stay awake for 4 x 40 minute periods.  It involves sitting in a chair, with a dim light behind you, with no stimulation, phones, tv, computer.. just you and your thoughts and a nice blank wall to stare at.  The test is designed to be difficult as the reason I have to sit it is so that the specialist can say whether or not I am able to keep my drivers licence, the theory being, if I can stay awake for 40 minutes sitting in a chair staring at a wall, I should be ok to drive.

My specialists gets people to sit the test twice, once with no medication and once after commencing medication.  The idea is to provide a benchmark.  There is also a chance that if I can pass the test with no medication my licence can be unrestricted.  For me that didn’t happen.  You can read about my exciting first MWT experience, complete with pictures here.

I did much better in my second MWT where I was allowed to take my medication during the test period.  You can read all about it here.


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2 responses to “MWT

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  2. […] is good news and bad news.  Good news is, my results from the MWT are “normal”, which means that the medication is doing its job.  The microsleep I had […]

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