dealing with narcolepsy, wedding planning, a law degree and some new fitness goals…

Sleep studies

So far I have had 4 sleep studies conducted.

They are broken down into their 3 categories above.

If you are booked in for one of these studies yourself and would like more information about what to expect, or if you are just a nosey so and so and want to ask me some questions, then feel free to contact me.

Alternatively, for Aussies, I cannot recommend Snore Australia highly enough.  They bulk bill, so the sleep study doesn’t cost you anything, staff are friendly and professional and the centre itself is incredibly well set up, comfortable and homey.  If you doing what I was doing and are putting off getting your sleep study done, please don’t !

Whilst my life on medication is not perfect, it could be worse.  Granted, many people have narcolepsy and cataplexy that manifests itself more severely than me, there are also others who share a similar experience as me.  I find talking to other PWN (people with narcolepsy) very helpful and encouraging.


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