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The race against me

on September 10, 2012

Good morning!

On Saturday as promised, I woke up early and met my future bro-in-law down at the local park for a 5km run.  The run is organised by a group called park run, I strongly recommend giving it a go if there is one in your local area.  Everyone is so friendly, the event is so well organised, its free, and they have even organised for a coffee cart to come down so you can socialise afterwards.  You get a barcode when you register and at the end of the 5kms you scan your barcode and then they upload your times to their website, you even get your PB tracked and everything.  I didn’t register in time so my details are not in the system but I am listed as #48 here.

Ok so, at first glance not such a glowing result.  48th in a pack of 59 people leaves me straggling in my awesome shuffle style somewhere near the back with the old ladies and the injured people.. ok I will confess, there were some old ladies who were flying past me.  However, on Saturday I was very firm in my head that you have to start somewhere, and it is just a race against me.  I’m only trying to beat my time, burn my calories and make my body feel better.  I was hoping for something under 30 minutes, instead I finished in 34 minutes. But that’s ok, the only way is up right?


I do feel sorry for the lovely lady “Susie” who finished just behind me.  I pretty much dragged Susie most of the way, why is it so much easier to encourage a stranger or friend rather than yourself?  Poor Susie was just behind me for the first 2kms or so.  We’d both stop at different times and pant and puff walk for a bit and then keep plodding, eventually I turned to her and said come on, let’s run together.  So we ran side by side for the next  few kms.  When she went to stop I urged her on, and something about it kept me going too, when we got near her family (her kids and their grandparents were cheering her on!) I’d say come on, lets fake it past them and make out like we are not finding this hard.  Eventually she fell behind again but on the last hill I was doing my panty-puff-shuffle-dawdle thing and she came up behind me and said ok it’s your turn now, let’s run together.. and off we went pushing each other up the hill for the home stretch.  It was a lovely moment of camaraderie between two strangers, I could almost hear Chariots of Fire playing in the background.

It made me miss my friend Mel who is constantly saying that she wished I was still down in Sydney to train with her.  We still manage to do a great job of kicking each others butts via Skype and text though so all is not lost.

I’ve actually really enjoyed communicating with people via this blog so far, whether it be for narcolepsy or 12wbt.  There is something encouraging in the thought that you are not doing it alone, not to mention that your little posts into the world wide web are actually being read by someone.

I’m also part of a lovely little forum post on the 12wbt site with a group of ladies where we sometimes refer to ourselves as the “Bikini Girls” we all have upcoming weddings to attend in tropical locations (whether it be our own or a friends) or upcoming holidays that will involve donning a bikini at some stage so we have sort of  banded together and are motivating each other, following each other on My Fitness Pal etc…  Oh the wonders of modern technology.

Now that I have the “wonder drugs” I’m starting to catch up on Uni again which is such a great feeling.  I still don’t feel like I’m quite “there” yet with Uni and fitness and a set routine but I am getting there.  Interested to see how “Weigh in Wednesday” goes because we have had guests the last few days and the tendency to over indulge in BBQ food and unhealthy portion sizes is always great.  I was not as naughty as I normally would be, but I certainly could have been better.  So we will see what the scales have to say about it in a few days time.

Keep :-)lin!



One response to “The race against me

  1. Melinda says:

    Wll done, Nikki Noooo! Very proud of you. And yes – wish I was there to run with you and Susie :(….glad you are going so well and have found a run club! xx

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