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A matter of opinion

on September 2, 2012

The funny thing about starting anything new is that everyone has an opinion.  I recall reading somewhere that when people were trying to make you feel bad about your weight loss goals you should just smile and say “thank you for your support”.  Bringing the focus back to them and their behaviour seems to work.

I know there are thousands of programs out there, I have explained the one I am doing, Michelle Bridges seems to know what she is doing and I am committed to her program.  I find it really interesting that the first reaction from people isn’t “good on you, I hope you succeed, what a wonderful goal”.  Instead people would rather put their two cents in about why such and such a program is better and why your attempts will fail.  So I’m staying firm and holding my ground and not listening to the blockers!  They can suffer in their jocks when they see me fit and healthy!

Yesterday was SSS (Super Saturday Session) I must admit I have been feeling a little “blah” about exercising these last few days.. Quite frankly I am very over burpees and am surprised at what I will do to get out of doing them!  Anyway, yesterday I ran the furthest I have ever ran in one go in my life.  Instead of the usual run around the lake I stopped the car about 2kms away adding an extra 4kms to the run so around 8kms in total.

I am a “shuffler”, my running style is not pretty… I struggle along, at a pace that is so slow I’m not quite sure it is technically a run.  The poor dog is confused, sometimes walking, sometimes running ahead a bit wondering what is wrong with me.  However, I am also a “stopper”.. I look up and see anything, a tree, a fence, a bend in the road, a person up ahead, if I can get to that thing without dying then I can walk for a bit.  My friend is a “ploddder” she keeps going, plodding along, slowly but never stopping.  So, I decided to combine the two techniques yesterday.  I shuffled, but tried very hard not to stop.  Of course, I did stop, but only at the bubblers, of which there is only 3 on the track.  So really for me this was quite an impressive feat!

I’m still very behind in my preparation for my assessment which is on Wednesday morning.  So today is more study.  It is supposed to be rest day but I think I will smash out a fitness dvd later, I’m quite liking them to be honest (no burpees!)

Tomorrow I have the MWT (Maintenance of Wakefulness Test) which starts at 630am and goes for most of the day. I’m not sure what it will entail, the last test MSLT (Multiple Sleep Latency Test) had me getting into bed for a nap every 2 hours to see if I could sleep at each nap.  Apparently the MWT involves sitting upright in bed with a dim light behind you (not in line of sight) you have to stay awake for 40 minutes and you need to attempt this several times throughout the day.  Honestly, I do not think I will be able to do that, I struggle when I’m actually doing things, but sitting on my own doing nothing.. I don’t like my chances, but I will give it a crack.

I’ll try to squeeze in a workout after that if I feel up to it before heading to the airport with the fiance to pick up some friends.  I am determined to get some sort of fitness in tomorrow!



2 responses to “A matter of opinion

  1. Tara says:

    This really made me Laugh! I can picture you running (or trying to) And its true, you summed it up. Poor Roxy, at least she is getting fit too.
    Im super happy you keep going Nic! As unpleasent as it may look 😉 and who cares what people say. They can truly be so self centred, not think about how or what they say and how it can and does afffect the person on the other end of the conversation!
    Ill be thinking about you tomorrow… Keep it up X

  2. fitlotusblossom says:

    Well done on getting out there and shuffling 🙂 it only took a few testimonials to convince me that this program will give us all a great chance of success,so ignore those people who don’t understand, and prove them wrong!

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