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When losing is a good thing

on August 29, 2012

Morning morning!

Today is weigh in day and I have lost 900grams which is pretty great after only 2 days of the program.  I’m sure people will lecture me about it only being water or some other such reason but I really don’t care.  That is nearly a whole kilo, or two magarine tubs in the “Mumslea” scale.

Growing up, my Mum always struggled with weight loss, fad diets, etc etc. Her greatest idea (IMO) was for every 500g she lost she would stick a lid from a margarine tub on the fridge with a handwritten update of her new weight.  I always thought it was such an excellent visual representation of what you are actually achieving (imagine 2 tubs of fatty butter or margarine being scraped off you). I’ve noticed many people see a little loss like 500g and say ohhh how disappointing, but when you put it in terms of a whole tub of margarine it doesn’t look so bad does it?

I will admit that today I am aching in a few little places thanks to the last few days of enthusiastic exercise, and today is going to be an “internal excuse” struggle day.  Seeing as I am under Dr’s orders not to drive until I get the all clear I am relying on my lovely fiance to drive me about.

I’m going into Uni early to work on an assessment, I have two thrilling lectures to sit through and a tutorial, and then I will need to wait around until fiance finishes cricket to take me home.  Which means I am leaving the house at 8am and probably won’t be back till after 8pm tonight.. the old me would have made an excuse, the new me is about to go and pack her gym gear to go to the Uni gym while she waits for the cricket game to end.  Today will take a lot of energy for me…

Wish me luck!



One response to “When losing is a good thing

  1. Tara says:

    Well done Nic! That’s a great start 🙂
    Keep it up and kick that butt…

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