dealing with narcolepsy, wedding planning, a law degree and some new fitness goals…

Did you plan to put on that weight?

on August 28, 2012

This is the question the sleep specialist asked me when I told him that I have put on about 15-20 kilos in the last 6 years.. Boy, did that make me laugh!

It was quite a proud moment to be able to tell the Dr that I have already signed up to the 12wbt and am determined to regain control of my weight.

There was a lot to take in today, I’ll summarise:

  • Nobody really knows what causes narcolepsy;
  • Narcolepsy is basically where you go into REM sleep  (the dreaming part) very soon after falling asleep, instead of a ‘normal’ 60, 90 or 120 minute time period.  Because of this, people with narcolepsy have an abnormal sleep pattern and don’t get as much “good sleep time” as regular people, which makes us feel tired all the time, which is why we have a tendency to nod off at inappropriate moments.
  • At this stage there is no cure, so the symptoms are treated rather than the actual disorder;
  • No more driving for me until I can pass a MWT (maintenance of wakefulness test) I am booked in for this on Monday, if I can stay awake I can have an unrestricted drivers licence (I don’t like my chances);
  • After that, I commence stimulant medication designed to keep me awake during the day;
  • After THAT I go for another MWT and see how the meds are working, if I fail the first MWT this second one may lead to me having a restricted licence which would allow me to drive within 4 hrs of taking medication;
  • We will need to meet with an obstetrician when we decide to have kids to work out whether staying on the meds is a good idea during that time.

All in all the Dr was very positive about being able to help me and very encouraging re my fitness goals.

The Egg Ninja (Photo Source: Flickr Suman0102)

Oh yes, how could I forget the egg story.. I lost the eggs today.. I spent all day looking for them, I was convinced that some kind of egg ninja had crept into the house and stolen the eggs.  Until.. I found them, in the freezer with the bread.. in case you are wondering eggs explode in the freezer.  I’ve heard a lot of people saying that people with narcolepsy do random things and put things in weird places when REM hits them and they are kind of sleep walking.  I was always so pleased I didn’t do things like this.. doo dee doo

I felt quite good today, not too tired, only a little sore from yesterday’s program, today was Toning (Intermediate program).  My new Michelle Bridges DVD set arrived so I dragged the fiance into the lounge room and made him jump around with me.  It was rather hilarious as our lounge room is pretty small but we did it.  The DVD is pretty tough but a great alternative to motivating yourself through the exercises.

I’ve mixed the recipe program up a little so tonight’s dinner was Cajun Fish Stew.  It was delicious!  Tomorrow is our first weigh in day.  Stay tuned for progress!



2 responses to “Did you plan to put on that weight?

  1. husher says:

    I like your post. I think people forget that when you don’t sleep good; you tend to gain weight, which makes it that much harder for people with sleeping disorders to manage their weight. I struggle with it too.

  2. shesgotninelives says:

    Narcoleptic here too! Feel your pain xo

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