dealing with narcolepsy, wedding planning, a law degree and some new fitness goals…

Take 4…

on August 26, 2012

I am jumping on the blogging bang-wagon for the very first time so let’s see how it goes!

I am a little bashful to admit that this is the 4th time I have signed up to Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Tranformation (12wbt).  I keep getting part way through the program and then I lose interest, get bored, feel so very tired.. oh so tired, lose my motivation *insert any other excuse here*.  However, I have 3 fairly major influential factors coming into this round:

  1. My fabulous friend Mel is doing the 12wbt with me this round – tireless supporter, always has an ear for my vents, and generally understands where I am coming from.
  2. I am getting married in June 2013 – let’s face it, nobody likes a fatty bride.
  3. I have (finally) just been officially diagnosed with narcolepsy – “like the girl from Deuce Bigalow?” I hear you say, yep.. just like that, only not quite so dramatic.  As funny as it may seem it is making a real impact on my life and isn’t as hilarious as it sounds.

So, for all the above reasons I am looking to make some lifestyle changes and plan to update you on my progress via this tricky little blog, I’m seeing my first sleep specialist tomorrow so will also keep you informed on what happens with my medication, the way exercise affects my sleepiness etc etc.. Yes, I get tired all the time, yes this will be a challenge for me, but this is something I have to live with for the rest of my life and I want to be the very best person I can be!

I’m determined to stick with it this time, and can’t wait to share my accomplishments with you.  



One response to “Take 4…

  1. Melinda says:

    You CAN do this! And you WILL……we’re in it together! xx

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